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IT Outsourcing: Pros & Cons

IT Outsourcing: Pros & Cons Photography by Cintabra ©

IT Outsourcing is a big decision that can lead to big benefits. The reasons are clear: cut costs, gain professional and trained personnel, and get more time for focus on your primary business.

But when you decide to outsource the IT department of your business, you must be familiar with all advantages and disadvantages from that process. Or, at least most of them. We’ll try to give you a better picture of this process by outlining three pros and cons of outsourcing IT. Then, we invite your feedback at the end.


  1. More cost effective – If IT is not your field of work, outsourcing just makes sense. IT Outsourcing companies are usually paid by the time spent on your project or one set fee, contracts which are cost effective and save both time and money.
  2. Trained and experienced personnel – Even if you are ready to pay for in-house IT, technology is changing all the time. You need to invest in trainings and certifications for your employees if you want to be sure that they are ready to work with modern solutions. Companies that offer IT outsourcing almost always have top educated and certified personnel ready for the challenges of the modern age.
  3. Specialization – When outsourcing IT, you can hire a direct specialist according to your need s, which is much easier than hiring multiple professionals for different tasks.


Image 2: IT Outsourcing: PROS and CONS

CON #1 Response time. Outsourcing companies execute tasks by priority and require communication for re-prioritization. Response time can be a problem, especially in cases of emergency or crisis. Still, there are companies that offer 24/7 service or that solve problems within 4 hours, or less.

SOLUTION: Select a partner works on a world clock. With an eye to deadlines, for example, GigaVoice delivers on time, every time. How? First, GigaVoice employees work on flex time, which means that they can be available during evenings and early mornings to accommodate the time schedules of our clients. Second, our programmers check in with clients multiple times per day, sometimes working simultaneously together via chat. Finally, we check emails constantly and respond to each case of urgent need as it occurs.

CON #2 Time to understand infrastructure and way of working. Every business is specific. So you can`t expect that an IT outsourcing company will know how to work with you from the get-go. They will need some time to evaluate your IT infrastructure and business process. Be aware of this and plan ahead.

SOLUTION: Make sure your partner has experience working with a variety of company sizes and configurations. For example, GigaVoice provides you with an account manager whose international IT experience makes process integration smooth. GigaVoice project managers have 50+ years of combined experience working with small, medium, and large international corporate organizations. We pair you up with these managers to streamline processes and to integrate project infrastructure from Day 1.

CON #3 Security. Security is an always a concern. Your data is very important to you and choosing a partner that you will share it with is not an easy task. An ideal IT outsourcing partner must have implemented all necessary security protocols, policies and standards, (including international standards) that certify professionalism and accuracy.

SOLUTION: Request documentation from potential partners about their security protocols. GigaVoice considers security a priority. Our security protocols, policies and standards are ISO certified. Please ask us for more information or copies of our process documentation if security is of particular concern to your business or project.


Deciding to outsource IT is not easy task. It takes time and analysis. When you’ve fully evaluated and made your terms clear, you can succeed in saving both time and money.

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