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The Villages Valkkoog ~ Eenigenburgh & Callantsoog

The Villages Valkkoog ~ Eenigenburgh & Callantsoog
Around Schagen and Dirkshorn are lovely tours to make, by bike or car. We visited these towns and made our impressions, hope you enjoy.
Eenigenburg is a village in the municipality of Schagen, in the province of North Holland. The village had about 187 inhabitants in 2005.
In 1289 the village was listed as Eini(g)hborch, as Enigheburch in 1323, in 1478  as Enichburch  and in 1600  as Eenighenburch. The name is much older. In the old Frisian is Eeninge, van Ee = water and Nige = close. So, near the newly reclaimed Zijpe in 1597.
Floris V of Holland (1254-1296) after his victory over the West Frisians in 1282 build the castle House Nuwescoast Doren, which has disappeared from the archives since 1367 . Today, the victory over the West Frisians in the summer is still celebrated every year during a medieval festival. There is a definite connection between the name of the castle and the country "Nyewendoren" (New Doors) that was in this area. The castle is a ruin left, whose revitalization is completed in 2011. It is said that Floris V went hunting in the current village Valksoog (Falcon Eye).
The present church dates from 1792 and is built on a mound from which probably was built, or possibly a remnant of a larger excavated mound from the 14th century There is a bell from 1505, a pulpit from 1698 and a unique organ built by Schölgens from 1876. Around 1400, the predecessor St. Salvador stood in an earlier church. The church was restored in 1992, the organ in 1994.
Until the late 19th century Eenigenburg also included the hamlet Surmerhuizen, it was always considered to be the village Eenigenburg itself, but formed his own small neighborhood within the area Eenigenburg was called. Eventually disappeared as its own little neighborhood and is only the street named after the hamlet about and who wears a museum that name.

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