A Blueprint for your Web Shop

A Blueprint for your Web Shop Photography by Cintabra ©

...a blueprint for successful design, implementation and operation of your web shop. In today's world it is apparent that people like to spend less time on commuting or prefer being at home.

Or do other activities that one believes in ~ independently from an employer ~ to explore creativity and innovation. To provide a quick start for your shop we provide a solution and blueprint that gives insight for, what is needed to have and be a professional shop on the net.

Key is that many people today want to arrange their life in such a manner that not too much time is wasted on going to a specific job in a specific place, people need an outlet for their talents, or combine for instance motherhood with sense of self being. There are many reasons one can think of, but it is rather simple to want to achieve independence and a goal to make income and live a good life in balance between work en private life.

Atol Solutions supports with its solutions that this can be made feasible with low entrance costs and hopes create a renaissance in new dimensions for many people and contribute to the concept of less drain on the environment, yet also finds in recent movements that especially women are very creative in applying this knowledge.
For instance ms. Tenison, who was named Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year 2010, said: "Women are natural fixers and cultivators and it is these exact elements that need to be employed in their approach to business.
"This has certainly been my approach to JoJo Maman Bebe, by treating my business as a child. I gave birth to it, developed and invested in it for the long term – something that I believe is a key differentiator for female entrepreneurs today."

Starting a Shop  



Starting your shop is naturally based on a vision and concept that one feels will be beneficial and is worthwhile investing your soul and passion in, as it is naturally lots of work ~ worth the effort and rewards.

You need to be very clear as to what you want to sell, building your relationships with (potential) suppliers and securing ways to deliver what you sell in a system of respect and honor, that clients expect from the reputation that you built.

Of course there are always regulations that must be adhered to and legal requirements for your protection and your clients. These guidelines and terms need to be in available in your website and we always apply our standards for this on the site (privacy, terms, linking) that you can tune to your liking and legal advice, see our terms below.
However once you have a clear vision as to the what's of your business, the next step can become complicated if you are not advised properly or search and stumble upon a potential solution, as you do need some technology and platform to run your business on in a reliable manner with all the safeguards that information is kept private and secure, including transactions and payments.

Get Going    

Once you have your idea and product/service defined and solidified and would love to start, after all the basis have been covered, where to go next.


We suggest a lean collaborative approach that can get you online in no time...and address the issues of becoming known and your shop found on the net to handle the volume you intend to achieve.
Your shop has many options that you need to make decisions upon, aside from you products/services, such as logistics for delivering, payment options, order management or alternatives, connections to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or other networking schemes. All these requirements you have, need to be at least supported by your web solution, while you can determine as to how and when you want to implement.
Of course in any project parties have requirements and responsibilities and whilst we advise, design, develop and make things work in the manner that you require, you have the responsibility to provide high res material for video, images or clean music ~ representative materials for your promotion, products and other needed content and if need be we can be assigned to do this task. Of course a shop can be run with a group of people, one person or a complete organization. How you want it organized is also your responsibility and of course we share our experiences.
And last but not least, remember always any successful web outlet needs the best back office (not your customer front end) to service all requests, as experienced by amazon.com ~ who were so overwhelmed with their success but left the back office function lagging, initially.


Getting it Done  



Atol Solutions provides a complete road map for you based on your requirements and what is typically needed for a shop, however you can determine what you want to install initially and determine when you turn on other features. We provide a state of the art development environment on which we tailor your needs and requirements in a collaborative and interactive manner, "seeing is believing".
The iterations are rapid and do require of course your attention and time, while at other times we manage the details and demonstrate the results. The development cycle is of course dependent on the total of your requirements anywhere for a few weeks to a month and your attention potential for approval and testing. We can do this for any client in the world using our Internet connections for our communication.
After your approval of the project completion, you have the option to use our hosting and maintenance services or move your site to another hosting provider.

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A detailed definition of the components that you need to be aware of, which are needed for a successful webshop, based on our extensive experience and implementations you find with this link.

Solution Usage  

~ Solution Usage

Our solution is implemented world wide and is available in many languages and support branch specific concepts. Some users are.