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Design and Development of Vaccin Free (Vaccin Vrij) with Door Frankema

Design and Development of Vaccin Free (Vaccin Vrij) with Door Frankema

We are thrilled to be working with Door Frankema on the new design and development of the Non-Profit Society "Vaccin Vrij". An initiative to make people aware of living healthy without vaccins. Door has written a book on this topic with great research on this hot topic and is followed currently by many people. The new site is anticipated to go live on October 5, 2014 and matches the desire of "Vaccin Vrij" to have its valuable information available on all devices in today's world; maintain, publish and change the site in a self proficient manner and has the look-and-feel and functionality needed.

The site provides people with lots of information on Vaccinations, Vaccin Free living, voices of concerns (pro/con) and provides for a platform to exchange thoughts of parents, views of science, medical and governments, extensive blogging and a discussion platform. We are also contemplating a social platform to intiate even more interaction on this topic and gain even more momentum. The main language of the site is in Dutch, however once support in translation becomes available, it shall also be published in English. Some information today, is in english as well and is abundant with English reference books, articles and videos. Naturally social media sharing, links and follow us will be present on the new site.

Door also provides lectures, presentation and meetings on this topics with parents in the Netherlands, all such events will be made available on the site.

We shall keep you informed of the launch on October 5, 2014 and we thank Door Frankema for her passion, inputs, ideas and concepts to make our effort a wonderful and exciting site.

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