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How is Social Changing the Way You Do Business?

How is Social Changing the Way You Do Business?
Today, a small but growing number of companies are using social tools and strategies to build a whole new mechanism for helping customers get more value from a firm’s products and services. These new approaches enable better new product and service development, more effective marketing and selling through educational content -- as opposed to standard promotional messages -- better after-sale service and support, and more control over what the market says about the company and its offerings. Becoming a socially enabled enterprise requires that organizations change the ways they support staff, interact with prospective and current customers, engage with partners and conduct business activities.

Becoming a socially enabled enterprise offers tremendous opportunities, especially when social media is leveraged to do more than simply marketing new products and brand building.
However leveraging social technology and practices across your business, from marketing and service to sales and human resources is difficult.

In this exclusive whitepaper , sponsored by Oracle, you will learn more about the opportunities and challenges organizations face in the transition to becoming "socially enabled." Moreover you will learn from leaders from more than 500 organizations what it means and how to become a socially enabled enterprise.


The Socially Enabled (Small/Medium) Enterprise




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Thursday, 28 May 2020

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