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Let's built a community for Earth and Sustainable Living

Atol Solutions is happy to launch it's features for Collaboration and Community via registered members and expand with interested authors or publishers. We provide services that enable you to do so in the creation of a community that is striving for lean approaches to service clients and people in the best ways with quality in action.
Why register for the Atol Community?

We intend to build communities and collaborations between members and interests. And as members you can be part of the publishing community with us, once registered you have acces to "Community" with Forums and the Atol's Social Meeting Place. And depending on mutual agreement we open our tools to editors and publishers as a medium to contribute to the world, with protection of copyrights and other aspects.

We do have an excellent publishing engine that provides lots of flexibility and expression such as image galleries, video, sound and of course editting to your liking, ...the only thing that is needed is solid content ~ pages can be made to your idea and concept, within the style of Atol Solutions.
Also it is our intention to make available to our members, many functions in the field of Business and Technical Architecture and Projects in a Knowledge Management kind fashion. We are totally dedicated to not reinventing the wheels. Templates, applications and blueprints are envisioned over time and will continue to grow. Naturally contributions are invited and welcomed.

What do you register?

For registration we require minimum information about you such as name, country of residence and agree with the terms and policies of Atol Solutions. Do read our policies concerning usage and privacy. We do not share any information with 3rd parties, ever. Do read the policies as referred to on the right bottom corner of this article.

You can assign your own user id, and you may opt to communicate to us your idea or concepts of interest in Atol Solutions.
Our process is such that we validate the information to our best ability and notify you on acceptance with a one time only password, via email.
After you login to Atol Solutions you will be presented with a Profile page and  we advise strongly that you assign your own password via your profile edit.
Looking forward to meeting and collaborating with you in this special Atol. Register here!
Yours Truly, ~ Atol Solutions ~
"what the mind can perceive, human kind can achieve"
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Tuesday, 02 June 2020

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