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Sound & Scent Chakra Healing by Divinely Grounded

Divinely Grounded ~ Femke Rameijer embarked on the road less travelled and is applying herself in authenticity and self, as in I AM. Living in France since 2004, mother, entrepreneur and producer of authentic oils and scents and also expressing herself in poetry on intuition and being authentic in self.

Her workshop on Chakra Healing is very appealing and is a great experience with sound mediations and scent, clearing and cleaning all your chakras.

Her special program is to explore the lower three centers in the morning and after lunch the Heart and the upper three centers.

You will also learn more about the beautiful Sacred Touch and Pure Artisan Essential Oil Blends. How to use them, how they can work for you and what they represent.

The Sacred Touch oils, created by Glenda Green, provide a beautiful tool to discover the freedom to know and return to a state of wholeness and remember your original incentives and aspirations for entering the realm of experience.

Each dimension of consciousness is propelled by a certain aspiration (scent). Whenever your heart remembers the true aspiration, you are delivered from delusion and set back on the path toward fulfillment. 

Location: Bugarach, France
Costs:     Euro 110.00 per person, min 2 ~ max 4 people.
Time:      9am - 16 pm
Dates:    March 29, March 31, April 5 & April 7 2011


For  reservations contact DG by Femke

Telephone: 0033-(0)674313428
Skype: femke.rameijer

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For  more information on Devinely Grounded click here.

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