The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Photography


Atol Solutions has come across a most comprehensive guide on photography for amateurs and is happy to share this across our networks. The author Joanna Thomas takes a very nice approach on all aspects of learning and understanding the in-and-outs.

Like she says:
"I am self-taught photographer from Ohio ? Growing up with the great outdoors on my doorstep, I’ve always had a passion for capturing scenic, wildlife shots… and you can throw a bit of Astrophotography into the mix too! Whether you’re looking to pursue Photography as a career, or you simply want to learn how to use your iPhone camera better I hope my guide helps you!"
Photography allows you see the world in a new way: As you experiment with how you frame your shots, you’ll find yourself noticing all sorts of details, patterns, and quirks about the world around you. This guide introduces you to this popular hobby, getting you acquainted with both the practical and the creative side of things.
To see the guide, do click here!
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Wednesday, 08 July 2020

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