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We Celebrate

A special day to celebrate the birthday of Abraham Tol. Wishing him a special wonderful day and healthy and joyful new year in life. We know he just would appreciate to share his special passion for a place in the South of France, named Les Labadous.


Les Labadous is a special place. It means washing place or cleansing place in the Occitan language. A place with a special energy. A healing energy and a creative energy. The energy of Mary Magdalene. The woman, they say, who lived here and preached here.


Les Labadous is  a “Domaine des Amis”, a house for friends. With well equipped rooms, studios and apartments. And a big hall that can seat up to 80 persons. It is situated in the valley south of Rennes-le-Chateau, along the River of Colors, bordered by huge black poplar trees. A grand place to hold your special training or workshops, but also just to relax amongst the presence of nice folks and communual environment of the old Cathar country.


Abraham surely recommends Les Labadous  (click)  to you  and have their lovely hosts welcome you in  this special place. A place to rest, to create, to heal and be healed. to meditate, to write or paint, to reflect on life and to find your destiny. A house of friends. 







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Tuesday, 02 June 2020

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