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Why Social CRM is important to Business

Why Social CRM is important to Business
The term “social CRM” carries two very different meanings for businesses. On the one hand, social CRM can refer to customer relationship management systems that track social media campaigns and engagement. On the other, social CRM systems can be considered those that use familiar features of social networking to facilitate collaboration and communication across and within business units. The first is increasingly critical for successful marketing and sales; the second is becoming indispensible for organizations looking to involve a variety of stakeholders in customer-centered sales cycles. This paper by Ziff Davis, explores both facets of social CRM and explains how businesses can benefit from their implementations.
Social CRM, whether viewed as customer relationship management centered around social media and customer intelligence or as a social-enabled collaboration engine for businesses to improve team performance, is one of the most important trends in sales and marketing. In the 21st century, social channels are essential to both customer acquisition and retention, while business platforms are increasingly adopting social paradigms to improve productivity and break down organizational silos. Social CRM and related facets of customer intelligence and aren’t just nifty add-ons that businesses should give a bit of thought to in the coming year. Social is the future of CRM and customer intelligence will make the difference between success and failure in a rapidly evolving sales environment.

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Tuesday, 02 June 2020

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